Welcome to our organization

SeedToTree is a registered non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit social service organization, established in Dec 2008, with sole objective of serving people in distress.

Meaning of Seed To Tree : We believe in supporting a children right from birth, till they become independent and succeed in life. just like a - From a seed to fruitful tree.

Vision : To support for education and other needs, both monetary & in the form of material needs such as books, uniforms etc., for the "Deserving Underprivileged" children, To support people of all ages for better living, irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion and work towards developing the people.

Mission : To develop the children by supporting and providing education, To tie-up with other Major NGO's, both in India & abroad for professional support for developing the people.

This organization is formed for helping the poor and needy people of our Country by supporting them for education, better living. seedToTree is a group of people who believe in supporting and enpowering the youth with necessary education and equip them with required skills to succeed in life, we help unfortunate and jobless people in setting up the mode of income, We also support people of Old age with love and care and support them for their medicine's and other requirements


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Urgents & Needs

Children are the future of any country if we want to develop our country we must develop needy children, Never forget that diamonds are found in mines. So help these children to grow.

  • Help children for education
  • Help Old people with their requirements
  • Help poor and unemployed people in assisting them to set up mode a of income You can make them smile, you can make their dreams come true Donate.